Objective: The objective of this week-long seminar is to provide students with a sound basis in the analysis of quantitative data. A seminar dedicated to this topic is much needed because, unlike students in fields such as psychology, students in humanities tend to lack training in research methods and statistics, which is turning into a major problem as quantitative strands of research are becoming increasingly present in humanities as well.


Content: The seminar will cover issues related to data preparation and the procedures involved in quantitative data analysis, including both descriptive and inferential statistics; no previous knowledge of statistics will be assumed. Approximately equal amounts of attention will be dedicated to theoretical considerations and practical exercises. The software used in the practical part of the seminar will be IBM SPSS (with UVa institutional license).


Structure: The core of the seminar will consist in three hours of morning lectures and hands-on tutorials in which the students will have the possibility to work on data sets pre-prepared by the lecturer, as well as their own data. A consultation hour will also be held every day for students who have highly specific questions they want to discuss individually. A set of homework assignments will ensure the students keep up with the course.