The focus of this module is on presenting the fundamentals and applications of the global nitrogen cycle and its links to the water, energy and carbon cycles.  The module will consist of eight 1-h lectures and will likely be of interest to both microbiology and engineering students at the University of Valladolid.


The three overall directions of the module include the following:

• Understanding the key biochemical pathways of the engineered microbial N-cycle

• Understanding the microbial ecology associated with the principal pathways with an emphasis on linking microbial structure and function

• Exploring the links between the microbial N-cycle and the water, energy and carbon cycles


The course will provide the fundamental basis of bioproducts bioengineering based on the biorefinery concept, aimed to form the students on green chemical strategies for the processing of biomass and waste into valuable biomaterials, biochemicals and biofuels. It will be structured into four different areas: Energy from Biomass and Waste, Bioengineering of Biomaterials, Bioproducts from Biomass and waste and examples of biorefinery concepts.